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What is On-Demand Recruiting by Uplink?

With recruiters backed by an industry-leading tech stack, our project-based pricing helps you fill jobs at scale without the long-term commitments of RPOs (recruitment process outsourcing). You can add or remove jobs as you grow.

We're not a staffing agency. We cut the cord on placement fees.

Staffing agencies charge 25% placement fees, resulting in costs ranging from $37,500 - $50,000 per placement.


But Uplink uses project-based billing, so our placements average only 9% as a cost-per-hire, a 60% savings versus agencies. Unlike RPOs that require long-term contracts, we don't. You can cancel or pause service at any time.

Software development languages including ruby python java javascript php android and typescript







A full-service recruiting team that maximizes your time.

Managers and Founders spend hundreds of hours each year reviewing thousands of resumes from candidates they'll never hire.

We submit pre-screened candidates that meet your technical and cultural criteria, aligning with each role's salary. The result is targeted outreach, more productive interviews, and a 30% faster time-to-fill.

Better candidate selection - higher employee retention.

Most startups use single-source hiring consisting of job postings only. This limits outreach and excludes passive candidates who aren't applying.

We recruit passive candidates using competitive intelligence, LinkedIn Recruiter, and multi-site job postings to deliver a more robust candidate pipeline, leading to higher offer acceptance and 26% lower first-year attrition.

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