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Process, Placement guarantee, and Pricing cap.

Why hire your own recruiters, provision expensive recruiting tech stacks, or pay staffing agency placement fees? With Uplink's project-based Recruiting-as-a-Service model, our team fills your jobs faster at a fraction of the cost. Here's how it works:

1 - Account setup

Tell us how many jobs you want us to fill and which types of roles you need help with.

2 - Intake call

We'll review the job descriptions and salary requirements with your team.

4 - Candidate submittal

We'll submit candidates via our ATS integration or email based on your pricing plan.

5 - Interviewing

Based on your feedback, we'll facilitate the interview process with top candidates.

3 - Source & recruit

We'll source, recruit, and screen candidates from job postings and resume search.

6 - Offers & hiring

We'll help with offer negotiations and reference checks on your behalf.

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Uplink integrates with all major ATS systems and email providers.

Placement guarantee with pricing cap.

We average 27 days to fill jobs at an average cost-per-hire of 9% across all clients. To ensure that we fill jobs expeditiously and keep costs low, we guarantee to fill jobs regardless of how many project days we spend on recruitment while capping our fees. Visit our pricing page for more details.

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