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Hire Software Developers
in Days with On-demand

Rocket Ship

Fill jobs up to 30% faster, reduce hiring costs, and eliminate staffing agency placement fees.

LibLab SDK as a service
Instacart Retail software company
Praetorian cybersecurity
Tango Card
TPC Group
K Parks Consulting
Atomic Machines
Homecare Homebase

SIL, Inc

Alert Logic Cybersecurity
Molecule software

Harness the benefits of the most powerful
recruiting tech stack on the planet.

Fill jobs without screening thousands of resumes or endlessly scrolling through LinkedIn - for a fraction of the cost. Guaranteed.

Apple Macbook pro laptop
LIbLab Wellfound job Posting

Uplink client. Source:

Apple Macbook pro
LIbLab SDK development
LinkedIn professional networking

Uplink client. Source:

Interview pre-screened applicants from job postings and reach passive candidates from LinkedIn Recruiter Pro just like FAANG and Fortune 500 companies do without using staffing agencies or hiring additional recruiters.

Uplink takes the guesswork out of hiring. We post jobs on your behalf and search resume sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Wellfound to recruit active and passive candidates before sending you the top 5%.

LinkedIn for connecting to peers
Indeed resume database
GitHub for developers
Why Uplink?

What is On-Demand Recruiting by Uplink?

With recruiters backed by an industry-leading tech stack, our project-based pricing helps you fill jobs at scale without the long-term commitments of RPOs (recruitment process outsourcing). You can add or remove jobs as you grow.

We're not a staffing agency. We cut the cord on placement fees.

Staffing agencies charge 25% placement fees, resulting in costs ranging from $37,500 - $50,000 per placement.


But Uplink uses project-based billing, so our placements average only 9% as a cost-per-hire, a 60% savings versus agencies. Unlike RPOs that require long-term contracts, we don't. You can cancel or pause service at any time.

Development Languages including Java, iOS, Android, and Ruby







A full-service recruiting team that maximizes your time.

Managers and Founders spend hundreds of hours each year reviewing thousands of resumes from candidates they'll never hire.

We submit pre-screened candidates that meet your technical and cultural criteria, aligning with each role's salary. The result is targeted outreach, more productive interviews, and a 30% faster time-to-fill.

Better candidate selection - higher employee retention.

Most startups use single-source hiring consisting of job postings only. This limits outreach and excludes passive candidates who aren't applying.

We recruit passive candidates using competitive intelligence, LinkedIn Recruiter, and multi-site job postings to deliver a more robust candidate pipeline, leading to higher offer acceptance and 26% lower first-year attrition.

Process, Placement guarantee, and Pricing cap.

Why hire recruiters, provision expensive recruiting tech stacks, or pay staffing agency placement fees? With Uplink's project-based Recruiting-as-a-Service model, our team fills your jobs faster at a fraction of the cost. Here's how it works:

1 - Account setup

Tell us how many jobs you want us to fill and which roles you need help with.

2 - Intake call

We'll review the job descriptions and salary requirements with your team.

3 - Source & recruit

We'll source, recruit, and screen candidates from job postings and resume search.

4 - Candidate submittal

We'll submit candidates via our ATS integration or email based on your service plan.

5 - Interviewing

Based on your feedback, we'll facilitate the interview process with top candidates.

6 - Offers & hiring

We'll help with offer negotiations and reference checks on your behalf.

Software developer resume
Apple computer

Uplink integrates with all major ATS systems and email providers.

Placement guarantee with pricing cap.

We average 21 days to fill jobs at an average cost-per-hire of 9% across all clients. To ensure that we fill jobs expeditiously and keep costs low, we guarantee to fill jobs regardless of how many project days we spend on recruitment while capping our fees. Visit our pricing page for more details.

Taleo ATS Applicant Tracking System
Lever Applicant Tracking System ATS
Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System
How it woks
Compare our services

Compare Uplink's model to other services

Uplink Talent on demand recruiting Agency Technical Recruiter

Staffing agencies               RPO's             Retained search

    Hires per search                       Unlimited                    1                              1                             1

    Cost per hire                                9%                      25-40%                   17-25%                    40-50%

    Minimum requirement                  no                           no                          yes                          yes

    Retainer requirement                 never                      varies                       no                           yes

    Avg. days to fill jobs*                 21 days                  30 days                  41 days                 57 days 

    Placement guarantee**               yes                           no                          no                          no

*Based on Software Engineering & related positions. Sources:, Uplink analytics, data collected from Boston and San Francisco Bay area staffing agencies, hiring managers, and recruiting managers who used agencies from 2014 to June 2023. ** Uplink guarantees a client's position will be filled unless the client cancels the search.

Loved by teams who don't compromise on hiring

We've filled hundreds of jobs for high-growth startups since 2016, saving clients $3.6 million in placement fees along the way. Here's what our customers have to say.

Thanks for sending Mark our way – he’s doing great here at Instacart! He hit the ground running as a front-end developer and is mentoring the other members of the team. Thanks again for all the recruiting efforts!

Retail software company Instacart

Chris Benjamin | Front End Tech Lead

Tony Pottle | Director, Talent Acquisition
Homecare Homebase

Uplink has been an incredible addition to the team. Samuel and his referral were also wonderful additions to HCHB. Thank you for your partnership and professionalism and for being a trusted team member. We hope to work with you again.

Homecare Homebase Hearst Media

Uplink has been amazing! They helped us hire outstanding developers! They're responsive, easy to work with and establish an effortless communications channel. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for the most talented employees!

Barbara Willborn | Customer Success Manager
fuelNOW Network


Uplink placed excellent candidates and screened them before sending them to us. They worked diligently to find people that best fit our culture and listened to our needs, which I found extremely helpful. We'll always go to Uplink to help fill our jobs!

Lori Davis | Operations Manager

K Parks Consulting

Ready for a recruiting solution that scales with you?

Join dozens of other venture-capital-backed startups using Uplink and learn how On-demand recruiting can reduce time-to-fill open jobs for half the cost of staffing agencies.

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