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Say goodbye to unqualified candidates and expensive placement fees, and fill jobs up to 40% faster.

Spend less time reviewing resumes.

Focus more on software development.


Where corporate recruiters
& agencies find candidates

Job postings

Resume search

Internal database


Generates 'passive,' highly-targeted candidates.

Better candidates = less screening and fewer interviews.


Where Uplink finds candidates*

Job postings

Resume search

Internal database


B2B Databases (Zoominfo et al.)

Lead Gen (, Lusha )

Competitor Org-charts

OpenAI, LeadIQ, RocketReach

*In addition, we average three times the hours that corporate and agency recruiters devote to filling each position, reducing time-to-fill jobs by up to 40%

Explore hourly recruiting

With zero placement fees, see why tech startups are switching to Uplink 

As a more cost-effective and efficient recruiting alternative, Uplinks' on-demand platform uses a project-based hourly billing model to help companies scale their workforce quickly. There are no long-term contracts, no minimums, and no placement fees!

Hire better-quality candidates

We use competitive intelligence, company org-charts, and data-mining platforms to recruit candidates that most other firms can't access

Fill Jobs up to 40% faster

Along with data-analytics, we use dedicated project hours to fill each job; averaging three times the hours that corporate recruiters devote to recruiting

Reduce hiring costs by 50%

Because we don't charge placement fees, the average cost to our clients is up to 50% less than agencies, and 30% less than in-house costs.


Finding the top 1% tech talent to fit your culture is our business

We find better-quality candidates because we use data-mining platforms and competitive intelligence instead of relying on job postings. And because our clients pay us hourly for our services instead of the traditional pay-per-hire model, they can count on us to screen candidates for both technical and cultural fit.


We proactively contact passive job-seekers who don't apply for jobs that other companies post, so our clients hire top talent their competitors can't find. We're experts at finding candidates for the following positions and skillsets:

Google Certified Practitioners 

AI Platform Software Architects

Full-Stack Engineers

Python Developers

Java Developers

Back-End Engineers

UX/UI Designers

AWS Certified Solutions Architects

Sr. Product Managers

Customer Success Managers

Customer Support Specialists

Onboarding Engineers

Territory Managers / Account Executives

Chief Technology Officers

Chief Operating Officers

Chief Information Officers








Ruby on Rails

Here's how Uplink fills jobs 40% faster for half the cost of agencies

Technology-based Recruiting

We use company org-charts, data-mining platforms and sites like Stack Overflow and GitHub to recruit people who don’t otherwise apply for open jobs

Dedicated Search Hours

Our recruiters average between 16-20 

hours per week recruiting candidates for each position, ensuring a highly targeted candidate pipeline

Less Interviewing Time

In addition to using competitive intelligence to find people, we screen candidates for cultural fit. Pre-screened candidates mean less interviewing time!


Uplink helped a SaaS company take off like a rocket! Here's how 

By partnering closely with FuelNOW's COO and development team, Uplink helped grow their company by 100% in less than a year. Critical hires helped to expand their digital platform across nearly 500 cities. We filled each job at an average cost of 12% per hire. Here's how we helped them accomplish their goal!

FuelNOW Website.png

Client Onboarding and Strategy Session

Hiring targets related to company growth and corporate culture discussions take place 

Talent Solutions Manager Engagement

Communication protocols, candidate delivery methods, and recruitment strategies are discussed

Recruiters are Assigned to Fill Jobs

Dedicated search hours are assigned to each job. Candidate recruitment and screening begins 

Candidate Submissions Delivered

Uplink manages the applicant flow. We schedule interviews and negotiate offers on the client behalf

Compare our services

Compare Uplink’s On-Demand Talent platform to other resources


Staffing Agencies               RPO's               Retained Search

Hires Per Search                         Unlimited                         1                                 1                               1

Cost Per Hire                                12%                           20-33%                       17-25%                     40-50%

Minimum Requirement                Never                           N/A                            Yes                           Yes

Retainer Requirement                  Never                         Varies                          N/A                           Yes

Avg. Days to Fill Jobs*               36 Days                      42 Days                      64 Days                    89 Days 

Placement Guarantee**                Yes                               No                              No                           No

*Based on IT, Engineering, Sales, Professional Services, and Executive positions. Sources:, Uplink analytics, data collected from and supplied by Boston and Houston's area staffing agencies, hiring managers, and Recruiting Managers who used agency search from 2014 to June 2022. ** Uplink guarantees a client's position will be filled unless the client cancels the search.

Build your startup

Partner with the experts at Uplink to quickly grow your company

Use Uplink as a stand-alone recruiting resource to scale your workforce quickly, or, integrate us with your existing HR group during periods of extreme growth to fill critical roles. Depending on the number of open positions and their degree of difficulty to fill, we'll assign the appropriate amount of hours and recruiters towards filling each one. Backed by twenty years of recruiting expertise, our service offering is second to none:

A full-lifecycle recruiting process

From a single job to large-scale projects, we'll conduct the market research, candidate sourcing, recruitment & screening, interview scheduling, offer negotiation, and much more

A highly-trained recruitment team

Our team is skilled in internet recruiting, advanced data mining, and behavior-based interviewing. On location in Houston and Boston, they're senior-level, metrics-driven, and industry-certified

Our commitment to excellence

We’re so confident in our ability to fill your positions that regardless of the hours it takes to fill them, we guarantee the cost will not exceed 18% of the projected salary for each hire

Crelate Screenshot 1.png

With access to 50 million candidates, we have you covered

With resume search licenses and job-posting packages to sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, and others; Uplink has access to more than 50 million resumes and professional profiles. Our commitment to continuous investment in recruitment platform infrastructure enables us to execute delivery on the most ambitious hiring project plans


See what clients are saying about Uplinks' trusted advisory services


Uplink Talent has been amazing. They helped us find outstanding candidates for our company. They’re easy to work with and put candidates at ease.  They establish an easy communication channel and are very responsive. I would highly recommend Uplink to any company looking to find the best and most talented employees!

Barbara W., Customer Success Mgr.

FuelNOW Network


Uplink Talent has been an amazing company to work with. Their professionalism and expertise are second to none, and it shows in the quality of their work. Easy to work with, very proficient and excellent results in providing highly qualified candidates in a short period for much lower costs than [their] competition. 

Josh Zellers, Owner

Sil, Inc.


Uplink is amazing! They found wonderful candidates for us and screened them before sending them our way. They worked diligently to help us find candidates that best fit our open positions. They also listened to our needs and wants, which I found extremely helpful. [We'll] always go to Uplink Talent for our staffing needs.

Lori Davis, Project Manager

K Parks Consulting (KPC)


Uplink is good at what they do, and I found that the business model that they employ at Uplink can be a value-added resource as an alternative to retained or contingent search.

Russell Coats, Recruiting Manager

TPC Group

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Let's get started. We'll help you build a great team!

Start receiving pre-screened candidate resumes within the first 48 hours of account provisioning.

Prefer a human? Give us a call at 713-447-1314 or make an appointment to swing by the Uplink office.

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